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Each Sprift Insider Report contains:

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“At Sprift, we speak with Estate Agents, Landlords & Developers all the time to help us understand their needs better. In those conversations, the difficulties of Local Market Research is always a hot topic that comes up time and again, as they feel it is not being addressed by their other prop-tech providers.

We are told that it is time consuming to find all the data they need to make the right decisions for their business; and when they do find it, they don’t feel that they can trust that the data is accurate and up to date as their research often brings up contradictory data. We are told that they would value a single report containing all of the local property market data, presented in a simple, easy to digest, professional format, containing data which is both accurate and timely.

With the creation of the weekly Sprift Insider Report we believe we’ve achieved that goal. We have had lots of positive feedback about the level of detail included in the Sprift Insider Report and how it has been helping our Estate Agency subscribers to win new instructions and our Landlord & Developer partners to identify potential opportunities faster, saving valuable time and giving them more confidence in their decision-making.

The Sprift Insider Report was built upon your feedback, if you have any other feedback you would like to share with us about Sprift or the problems you experience in our industry that are not being addressed by your Prop-Tech suppliers, please feel free to share with us at hello@sprift.com
Sprift is committed to helping you save time and win more business.”

Matt Gilpin (Sprift’s CEO & Founder)

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